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What industries can precision stainless steel strips be used in?

Energy spectrum analysis of ferrite and austenite components, shortening the distance between stainless steel pipe manufacturers and users, and chemical analysis results of the precipitated phase after isothermal aging at 800 degrees for different times after electrolytic extraction. It can be seen that chromium and molybdenum are significantly enriched in the product phase of 316 stainless steel plate factory. The variation of molybdenum content in the phase is a function of time. When the molybdenum content increases, the chromium content decreases.
Compared to SUS304, SUS316 precision stainless steel strip has good plasticity, toughness, cold denaturation, welding process, high temperature strength performance, and better ductility. It is the main material for high-end electronic products such as apples and type-c interfaces, containing Mo element (2-3%), so its corrosion resistance, especially pitting corrosion resistance, is very excellent.
The surface of the product is ground with grinding strips ranging from 150 to 320, resulting in better glossiness, discontinuous coarse lines, and fine stripes. Used for elevator decoration, kitchen equipment, interior and exterior decoration of buildings, electrical panels, etc.