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430 Stainless Steel Strip

430 stainless steel strip


430 stainless steel strip

The standard grade 1Cr17 of 430BA stainless steel, which can also be called stainless iron, is 430 stainless steel with a surface grade of BA, which can be divided into domestic and imported stainless steel belts according to the production country. According to the surface treatment, performance characteristics, appearance, etc., it can be divided into stainless steel coil tape, stainless steel spring tape, stainless steel stamping tape, stainless steel precision tape, stainless steel mirror tape, stainless steel cold rolled tape, stainless steel hot rolled tape, stainless steel etching tape, stainless steel stretching tape, stainless steel polishing tape, stainless steel soft tape, stainless steel hard tape, stainless steel hard tape, stainless steel high temperature belt and so on.

Price quotation

The domestic sales market of 430BA stainless steel is mainly concentrated in South China, Central China, North China and other regions, and the difference in sales prices in these regions is still large. South China is represented by Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other cities in Guangdong province, such as the 0.2mm thickness of 430BA stainless steel belt sold by a factory in Foshan quoted 18,800 yuan/ton, and the high hardness of 430BA cold binding stainless steel coil quoted 17,500 yuan/ton by a company in Dongguan. In Central China, cities such as Wuhan in Hubei and Zhengzhou in Henan are represented, such as the 430BA precision stainless steel plate quoted by a factory in Wuhan at 17,600 yuan/ton, and the 430BA stainless steel cold and hot rolled coil offered by a company in Zhengzhou at 18,200 yuan/ton. The above quotation is for reference only and subject to the actual quotation of the seller.

Industrial use

The common surface of very bright stainless steel products are basically made of 430BA stainless steel, and typical applications are indoor panels, washing machine rollers, dishwashers, kitchen equipment, stainless steel POTS/keelers, range hoods, button batteries, medical equipment, microwave ovens, ovens, bathroom products, mobile phone cases, auto parts, water heaters and so on.